April 11, 2015

Puss in Boots: Giant Journey

After a construction period of more than one and a half years, the awaited "Puss in Boots: Giant Journey" coaster has finally opened in USS. (You can have a look back at the construction here.)

Today I rode it for the first time!

Ride banners are everywhere on Sentosa Island (where USS is located).

April 9, 2015

New Shanghai Disneyland Aerial Shots

Two new aerial shots have been released by Shanghai Daily.

"An aerial view of the Shanghai Disney Resort where work continues yesterday, a day which marked the fourth anniversary since ground was broken at the site in the Pudong New Area. The world’s largest Disney castle is now said to be taking shape at the theme park. "

April 5, 2015

The Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens - The Musical

This Easter season, USS has produced a new musical "The Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens", which is showing at the show building behind New York zone. 

This is a really fun show featuring colorful costumes and pop hits such as "Royals" and "Shake It Off". Unfortunately recording of the show is not permitted. Enjoy the photos instead then! 

"Puss in Boots" Coaster Construction Update

Update 4/5:

First, I want to apologize for the lack of updates recently, as I am really busy with school and work.

I was delighted to find out that the construction walls have been taken down and you can see the entrance of the ride now!

It's Easter at USS!

It's Easter at USS!

Check out the wonderful decorations in the park! I am really impressed by the efforts they have put into this event!

February 4, 2015

New photos of Shanghai Disneyland

Following the news of the new opening window, Disney also revealed several photos of Shanghai Disneyland under construction.

The first pair is inside the Pirates of the Caribbeans ride building. The two ships are in the middle of a battle and guests will probably pass between them along the track over there.

Shanghai Disneyland Opening in Spring of 2016

Disney Park Blog revealed today that Shanghai Disneyland will be opening in spring of 2016, instead of end of 2015.

Just now, on today’s earnings call, Bob Iger, Disney chairman and CEO, shared updates on the project.
“This is also a dynamic and exciting time for our Parks & Resorts – with another very strong performance in Q1 and plenty to look forward to, including the spectacular Shanghai Disney Resort. I was in China the week before last and saw amazing progress — we just topped off our signature Shanghai Disneyland Hotel… and we’re nearing completion on iconic features throughout the park, including the largest castle we’ve ever built… and we’re getting ready to start casting the hundreds of performers we’ll need to entertain our guests. It’s thrilling to see Shanghai Disney Resort rapidly coming to life. The artistry, complexity….the magnitude…and the detail….it’s all quite astonishing. As you’ll recall, after we broke ground on this incredible resort, we announced an $800 million expansion, significantly increasing both the size of the park and the number of attractions available to our guests on opening day. Even with that expansion, we will complete major construction by the end of this calendar year, and we’re planning a spectacular grand opening in Spring of 2016, which we believe is the optimal time to showcase the full grandeur of this world class destination.” – Bob Iger.

I am not entirely surprised to hear this, as rumors have been going around for quite some time that Shanghai Disneyland is not really hitting its original opening date. But I am glad that they chose to take the time and push back the opening instead of having a park with a few rides still under construction.

Let's all look forward to 2016 then!