August 14, 2013

New Family Attraction in USS!

Update 8/16:

Disney and More has posted an article revealing that the theme for the ride might be "Kung Fu Panda".
Ha, I did not see that coming! But not being a Shrek fan, I will be glad if this is the case.

Click the link to read the article on D&M.

Update 8/15:

I spent my summer holiday in the U.S. So this is the first time I visited USS in three months.
To my surprise, there is a new ride in construction!
It is located between The Lost World (Water World) and Far Far Away(Shrek area). (The green area in the picture.)
I could not guess what the attraction might be. So I walked to the Shrek Castle side and discovered something very interesting.

From the boards I learned that this is going to be a family attraction with (probably) a Shrek theme(?).

I will keep updating this post to let you know any progress in the construction!

I can start queueing for the ride!

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