October 30, 2013

Shanghai Disneyland Castle 3D Model Revealed

Update 10/30:

As promised, I have found a much clearer version of the model!
Here it is! 

Together is a brief introduction of the technology used for the building of the castle.

"October 11, 2013, Shanghai - As construction of the Shanghai Disney Resort continues on its theme park and associated facility development, innovative new design and technology practices are being used in guiding the development work of the resort, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) project management techniques. These practices assist in maximizing efficiencies in the design and construction phase, and ensure overall coordination of the resort development, targeted to open at the end of 2015. The images released by Shanghai Disney Resort Management Company today illustrate the BIM process for the Enchanted Storybook Castle, the iconic central attraction of the Shanghai Disneyland, the resort's theme park. Through the precise simulation of construction using BIM software, the design team can determine the best design scheme for the many buildings and infrastructure which comprise the resort, then integrate construction schedules to improve operational design features and minimize consumption of construction material to reduce impact on the environment."

Source: Disney

Interesting post on "Eastday" (Chinese news website). The 3D model for Shanghai Disneyland Castle is revealed. 

The picture posted was in very low resolution and I apologize for that. I will update this if I find a better one.
Despite the low resolution, you can see that the two pictures show some different features, like the bronze part in the first and the dark yellow part in the second.

Source: Eastday


  1. Looks very exciting - the first castle built with features that had to be fitted for all the existing castles. I'm very curious as to what other purposes the castle may be used for (apart from what has been unveiled so far).

    1. Hi Dejiki!
      I wish for a Ariel's Castle at the basement, inside a huge water tank.

    2. It is very impressive and the tallest of all Disney castles. It is very interesting to see the various exterior views in 3D. The interior is equally as impressive and interesting.

  2. Friend,
    I recently found a posting with a small sample of the landscaping for the front gate area. It looks absolutely beautiful and stunning for the lakeside boat launch and restaurants area. It also shows a movie theater and Club 33 in the area too. Club 33 is the elite, legendary private club first located in Disneyland. It looks as if Shanghai Disneyland will have its own version too.
    Here is the link:

    1. Hi Friend!
      How on earth did you find that? This is so incredible!
      Thanks so much for sharing and please allow me to share it with everyone!

    2. I am very impressed by the design of the Shanghai Disneyland "Enchanted Storybook" castle, but surprised in some ways too. Traditionally, other Disneyland castles have been designed with one story in mind (i.e. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc). Yet, the Shanghai Disneyland castle has been described as the "Enchanted Storybook" castle, which suggests a magical platform with many, many stories. At the original Disneyland in California they have the Storybook Canal Boat Ride, which displays scenes from multiple children's books, although its not in the castle itself. Is that where the castle gets its influence from? I also thought the castle would have more obvious eastern or asianic architectural influences. The castle seems to appears to embody more traditional UK or european style elements. It is very beautiful and impressive, but I would have thought the castle would be look more distinctly eastern, or representative of the Middle Kingdom at large. It is the largest Disney castle so far and very, very impressive and appealing to look at too. It makes me want to know more about Shanghai and China in general, and visit the park one day too.

    3. Hi Friend!
      Good to know that you adore the design of the castle. Personally I find it still similar to the style of Cinderella Castle, but that is probably a good choice for a Magic Kingdom style park.
      It would be interesting to see how they incorporate princesses like Mulan and Jasmine into the interior of the castle.

      And please visit China when the park opens!

    4. Thanks! I will. Also, have you ever seen the Enchanted Storybook?

    5. I imagine the Enchanted Storybook will be on display at the new castle in Shanghai Disneyland and play a prominent role in the design and theme of the interior too. I hope to see it in person one day. I hope I did not confuse you too much.

    6. Ah apologies.
      I actually didn't know the term "Enchanted Storybook".
      I looked it up.

    7. How do they describe & say "Enchanted Storybook" in Chinese? For example, the castle at Disneyland Paris is based on Disney's animated film Sleeping Beauty, but it is called Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (English: The Castle of The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood), because its in France.

    8. I have looked at the 3-D artist's rendering again and again. It really is a beautiful castle. It is such a unique design too. The story of the castle is very interesting too. The park is said to be a "Magic Kingdom style park", an obvious reference to the larger park WDW park in Florida, which is based on the story of Cinderella. The original park, in Anaheim, is based on the story of Sleeping Beauty, as is the Hong Kong Disneyland park. The layout of the park in Shanghai, with a giant lake at its center, is similar to Magic Kingdom at WDW too. Its looks to be a very enchanting and magical place to visit and enjoy by all.

    9. The map of the park shows a bit of a different layout from the Magic Kingdom park in Florida though. The biggest change is the location of Adventureland on the interior lakeside of the park and Tomorrowland on the opposite side. Yet, the layout is very similar otherwise, with many traditional lands and many hotels. There is even a hotel space adjacent to Adventureland in Shanghai, as there was a hotel adjacent to Tomorrowland, at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. What do you think the theme of the hotel will be?

    10. "Enchanted Storybook Castle" is 奇幻童话城堡。

      I have no idea what the hotel beside the Adventureland (actually called Adventure Isle in Shanghai) will look like, but I am hoping that the hotel can be integrated into the land itself, like the hotel of Tokyo DisneySea. That will be amazing!

    11. Thank you for the translation of "Enchanted Storybook Castle." Looks really cool! I think the MiraCosta Hotel at DisneySea is very elegant hotel and a possibility. However, they have a giant Lodge at almost every other park. I would think it maybe a possibility too. It has an outdoor, rustic adventurous look to it. Each hotel has a different theme. The Grand Californian opens up onto DCA park. I'm sure whatever they decide it will be quite a memorable place to stay.