About the Ruler

Luke is currently inside a human body labelled "Bao Xiao".

This temple houses the joy and experience Luke has collected on this planet. It serves as his energy to maintain the human form.

Luke is very excited about Shanghai Disneyland, and he is also a frequent visitor to Universal Studios Singapore.

When the body "Bao Xiao" was 5, his aunt, who had just come back from the USA, showed him some photos of Disneyland and Universal Studios. He was blown away by the Submarine Voyage and the Jurassic Park attractions. He just couldn't stop looking at those photos.

In the later years, he was brought to several Chinese theme parks, but unfortunately, they were not as amazing. And the addiction of theme parks was gradually being hidden away.

When he came to Singapore to attend university, he found Universal Studios Singapore, just a few steps away! He is once again lost in the wonderful world of theme parks and hasn't found a way out yet. 

*This is the logo of both the Temple and the Ruler, Luke.


  1. Hi Luke,

    I am new to the blogging scene and is also fanatical about amusement parks. I really hope you can have a look at my first post and give some feedback.

    Anyway, I am also a frequent visitor and season passholder to Universal Studios Singapore. Would you like to have a meet-up in the park one day?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hao Jie,

      I am glad you are opening a blog yourself! It is a really fun and meaningful hobby.

      I have carefully read your very first blog post and it is very nice! I can see that, as you are describing your own experience, you are really talking to and connecting with the reader. This is great! And through your post, I learned new things as well, such as the fact that a roller coaster "that is launched and (in the) dark " can be less terrifying.

      Keep up the great work! However, next time when writing a post, do add in a few pictures and images to give readers a visual representation of your content (beware of copyrights though)!

      Yes sure, I would love to meet you in the park. How about adding me on facebook so we can discuss it further?

    2. Hi thanks for your response. You can find my facebook name Low Hao Jie. The profile picture is made of a group of people wearing red coloured shirts so you can't miss it. Look forward to receiving your PM and friend request.